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Volunteer, Volunteer Coordinator

Contact Email: 
The Mountaineers
7700 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
United States

Job Description
Volunteer, Volunteer Coordinator

FLSA Status: Full Time Volunteer, Unpaid (or may be split into two 20-hour volunteer positions)
Duration: 1 year commitment
Reports To: Education Manager

Purpose: To support volunteer leaders in providing successful educational, recreational and conservation-oriented activities to members and the public. To provide a rewarding and sustainable volunteer experience for volunteer leaders.

Primary Functions:
Data Management
-Collect data & create usable reports for volunteer leaders and committees
-Manage course enrollment & graduation, generate reports as needed
-Manage trip reports, participation data, retention reports
-Ensure database is up to date with volunteer interests and experience
-Deliver regular and as-needed target email blasts to connect members to activities of their interest
-Work with committees to produce marketing flyers, trifolds and other publications
-Web-based marketing as appropriate, including craigslist, meet-up, facebook and other social networking sites
Surveys & Course Evaluation
-Develop standard course surveys for data comparison across branches & committees
-Gather committee-specific and/or course-specific questions for surveys
-Develop course feedback standard procedures
-Provide course and activity feedback data to volunteer leaders
Volunteer Placement
-Assist volunteer leaders with posting descriptive volunteer opportunities
-Maintain Volunteer recruitment pages & systems on website
-Ensure all volunteer opportunities are entered in the database – assist volunteer leaders with this
-Run volunteerism reports as needed
-Respond to potential volunteer inquiries
-Connect volunteers with opportunities that match their interests and availability
Training and Leadership Development
-Identify training needs for volunteer leaders
-Develop and implement a strategic leadership development plan for new leaders
-Coordinate training opportunities in collaboration with experienced leaders, managing committee and local industry experts
Volunteer Feedback & Recognition
-Establish and implement regular feedback system for volunteer leaders
-Provide volunteer feedback data to Board of Directors and Executive Director
-Establish and implement standard volunteer recognition plan
Minimum Standards
-Work closely with committees, branches and Managing Committee to establish and maintain minimum standards for all activities
-Identify areas of inconsistency through volunteer and participant feedback
-Organize conferences, meetings, conference calls or forums where volunteer leaders can collaborate on developing minimum standards, sharing best practices.

Required Skills
-Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
-Excellent written communication skills
-Experience with data management
-Strong organization skills
-Experience working with volunteer committees and boards
-Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent experience
Desired Skills
-Public Speaking experience


The Mountaineers
7700 Sand Point Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
United States