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Part-Time Contractor: Copywriting and Marketing Support

Contact Email: 
Goodfunds Wealth Management
240 2nd Ave S, Ste 200 U301
Seattle, WA 98104
United States
Phone: 2063306426

Independent, Part-Time Contractor: Copywriting and Marketing Support
Project Area: Communications and Business Development

Live your values working with a growing leading-edge SRI (Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing) financial services firm. Contractor will create and transform ideas into engaging stories for white papers, marketing materials, blogs, flyers, direct mail, social media, and website. Results are measured by quality of writing produced and how we are engaging with qualified prospective clients whom are considering investment and financial planning services.

Essential Functions
Understand and communicate firm’s unique value proposition.
Research SRI success stories and SRI industry/movement news for use in social media updates.
Write several white papers--topics selected by Goodfunds.
Draft social media, blog, and website updates with content selected by Goodfunds.
Publishing tasks include website, printed matter for presentation folio, and mailings.

Other Possible Functions
Provide input on brand awareness and published content strategies.
Develop infographics or coordinate work with infographics artists.
Collaborate on educational video project and marketing campaign resulting in qualified leads.
Assist firm in other related operations and marketing areas to be determined.

An Ideal Candidate
Understands and support the firm’s essential guiding principles, values, and UVP.
Has copywriting, content strategy, and/or online marketing experience.
Has strong written communications skills--clear grammatically-correct engaging persuasive copy.
Is proficient with existing and emerging communications platforms.
Responds to editorial feedback in a timely manner.
Keeps abreast of industry and competitive trends.
Explores ideas and concepts for visual and written elements.
Conveys a professional presentation of self and firm to the public.
Skills/Abilities/Work Experience/Education
Bachelor of Science or post-Bachelor professional work in related field.
Business communications skills including written and verbal proficiency.
Familiarity with basic consumer finance and investment language.
Competency with Google Drive/Docs, Dropbox or similar, Word with Track Changes.
Experience with website publishing principles and procedures (non-technical).

If you are interested, please provide by September 1, 2015
Cover letter including why this might be a good fit for you, your range of hourly rates or fees, and your ability to work as an independent contractor.
CV and/or your up-to-date LinkedIn profile.
Samples of relevant writing and/or social media.
Please submit all information to [email protected]


Goodfunds Wealth Management
240 2nd Ave S, Ste 200 U301
Seattle, WA 98104
United States
Phone: 2063306426