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Our Mission

Coltura's mission is making America gasoline-free by 2040.

Gasoline use is one of the main reasons our earth is in peril. It’s up to us to save our home.

Coltura was founded in 2014 to accelerate a consumer shift from gasoline to clean transportation. To achieve our mission we are uniting artists, scientists, businesses, and communities to change our gasoline habit.

Gas-Free Planning

Coltura helps you design a gasoline-free lifestyle and supports your transition from a gasoline vehicle to an electric vehicle, public transit, ridesharing, biking, or walking. Consider us your personal trainer for going Gasoline-Free.

Art In Action

Art is the inspiration and lifeblood of Coltura. In an arena that is often dominated by hard science and data, Coltura seeks to add a creativity and meaning to the issue. Education is key to changing the humanity's understanding of our relationship with the climate, but oftentimes art is the tool that actually motivates people to feel the earth's pain and change their lifestyle. For that reason, we curate environmental advocacy artwork from artists around the world. In combination with science, business, and community, art is the secret ingredient that brings Coltura's message to life.


Coltura organizes events which educate, entertain, and inspire the public to stop buying gasoline, as well as bring communities together so that we can work together to end human-caused climate change. From concerts and art shows to science fairs and electric vehicle test drives, our events are fun and offer something for everyone!

If you are interested in volunteering with Coltura, or attending one of our events, please join our group!

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