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Green Lunches, powered by Noonhat

Every month, on the Friday after Greendrinks (which is always the second Tuesday of the month), check out this great opportunity to meet other Greendrinkers.

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Feeling like Seattle Greendrinks, for all the beauty of the size, is also sometimes a bit intimidating? Or that you'd really like just a little more time with just a few fewer people? Well, here it is: type in your email address, and join up to three other (randomly selected, based on location) Greendrinkers in your vicinity for lunch. Submit your email by the day after Greendrinks every month, and you will get connected, via email, to the others in your group by Thursday; Seattle Greendrinks' Green Lunches take place every month on the Friday after Greendrinks (again, the second Tuesday of the month). Once you've been matched, you will select a lunch destination with the others with whom you've been partnered; sign up now!