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Simple Ways to Save the Environment

You don't need to join an organization of environmentalists or instigate a nationwide save-the-trees event to show you care for the environment. There are myriads of simple ways you can do to make mother nature smile. Take the following for example:

- Instead of using traditional light bulbs, use CFLs or Energy Saving Light Bulbs. Though they are as reliable as traditional bulbs, CFLs use 75 percent less energy and they last longer. Plus, eco-friendly bulbs are cheaper, making them friendly to your pocket too.

- Don't take ATM receipts if possible, as these bitsy papers account for one of the biggest sources of litter on the planet. ATM receipts are present in nearly all trashcans found inside offices, malls or at street corners. The next time an ATM asks if you want a receipt, pause for a while and consider the contribution you're about to make to our mounting garbage problem.

- If you want to redo your home and change the color of its walls, choose paints with low or no volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are dangerous to the environment and can cause certain debilitating diseases.

- Switch your computer off or put it in sleep mode when not in use. After hours of doing research and writing your dissertation, it is only right that both you and your computer should take a break. This will regain your strength and help you save money and electricity.

These are just small steps and not huge lifestyle changes, so let's make an effort and save the environment for ourselves and for future generations.