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Facebook Connect Help

SeattleGreendrinks.org is proud to offer Facebook connect to its members. Connect your Facebook account to your member account to make signing into this site a breeze. Once you're accounts are linked, you can see which of your Facebook friends are on SeattleGreendrinks.org as well as invite your Facebook friends to create accounts on this site.

In the future, we'll allow you to cross-post content on this site as well as your Facebook profile page.

Already have an account on SeattleGreendrinks.org?

In order to link your existing account with your Facebook profile, you'll need to log out of seattlegreendrinks.org and then click on the "Connect with Facebook" button on the front page.

The next page will present you with two options. One to link your existing account and one to create a new account. Click "Click here to connect your existing account with Facebook". On the next page, log in with your existing seattlegreendrinks.org account.

Facebook Connect settings

On your user profile page, you'll see a new tab called "Facebook Connect". There are two checkboxes. One allows your Facebook friends to see that you have an account on SeattleGreendrinks.org. The other allows your profile picture to be updated from Facebook.

Unlinking your Facebook account

If you'd like to unlink your Facebook account from your member account, go into "Edit Applications" in Facebook. From the dropdown, show "Authorized". Click the "X" next to Seattle Greendrinks in the list of applications.