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NBA Live Mobile Cheats - Free Coins and Cash Generator

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017 (All day) - Wednesday, August 16, 2017 (All day)
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Do you want to become the new Michael Jordan of video games? Do you think you can form a team capable of beating the famous Dream Team of Barcelona 92? You may not be able to get there, but with these tricks you can be the player to beat in NBA LIVE for Android , the mobile version of one of the most legendary basketball games of all time.

The NBA LIVE series

The NBA LIVE series was once as important an asset to Electronic Arts as FIFA was. But while the football simulator has maintained, or even increased its fame as the years have passed, the NBA LIVE series has been relegated by another as the NBA 2K. That even led to EA Sports changing the 2011 name to NBA Elite, to return in 2014 to the classic NBA LIVE.

It is a saga that has come out yearly since 1995 . It appeared for the first time in PC Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, in a version with isometric perspective. Perhaps the biggest jump of the saga occurred in the year 1996, when thanks to the appearance in the market of consoles like PlayStation or Saturn could be passed to the polygonal graphics in 3D.

It was a time when EA was not only betting on FIFA, and every year there was an enormous amount of new sports game deliveries: Madden, FIFA, NBA LIVE, NHL, etc. However, with the appearance of NBA 2K the saga of EA lost much of its splendor and even got to change its name in an attempt to give a new air to the saga. Now it tries to recover the lost prestige with new deliveries for consoles of last generation, but also for mobile devices .

NBA LIVE for Android

NBA live for Android claims to be the rival of NBA 2K on mobile devices. It can be said that, first of all, NBA LIVE mobile hack android already has a significant advantage over its competitor, since it is free-to-play . That is, we can download the game for free, but then we can use the integrated shopping system to get things, such as new player cards.

In NBA LIVE for Android we will be able to manage everything related to our basketball team, either the NBA or the Canadian league, exercising both managers in the offices, and controlling the players in exciting matches 5 to 5 . Now you can also feel the excitement of the best basketball league in the world on your mobile. And we tell you the best advice so that nobody can with you.

NBA LIVE cheats for Android

If the concept of basketball game NBA LIVE mobile has convinced you and you already have the game in your power, there are a number of tricks you may not know and that can help you improve your equipment.

First of all, it is important to choose correctly the players of our team . The budget we have is limited and therefore, at the beginning we will not be able to sign the big superstars. However, there are good players at affordable prices, even for less than 500 coins. Ideally and try to sign players who average around 70, and we will have time to improve the equipment as we make money. It is also very important to sign players who have skills that complement each other, and know how to exploit them well at the time of matches.

Once we have become our team, we must know certain important things when it comes to playing. For the beginner it is very important to keep in mind that the key to the game is defense . With the button of mark we fix to the player who is attacking, and pressing it we try the theft of ball when makes a pass. We must take the trick to the defense, because the attack is not too complicated.

As we advance before, we must get money to be able to go for new players. One of these methods is to go to the auction house , where players constantly appear that we can sign and then resell. It is important to be aware of the moment when the list of auctions is refreshed, to detect possible chollos before anyone can take them away. Then we can resell them at a higher price and stay with them.

Another way to get more coins and prizes is through the achievements of the game. It is important to fulfill them as they reward us in different ways. Also, each time we complete a full team (we recommend the Golden State Warriors) or a season, we will also receive succulent rewards.

Before we talked about the importance of defense, but also it will be good to know a few movements in attack:

Making a hook : making a hook is quite simple and we just have to press the button when our pivot is back to the basket.
Passing the ball between the legs : a classic deception movement or to initiate another movement, which is done by pressing the penetration button when standing with the ball.
Spin : is done by pressing twice the button to penetrate when we are running with the ball.
Passing the ball in the back : It is done changing direction quickly while we run with the ball.
Dribbling and throwing : to make this move we press the dribbling button and we go towards the lateral line, and we tighten shot.
Remember also that you must have a balanced team , with players capable of performing different roles. In this sense, it is very important to have a couple of good rebounders, which will ensure us second chances in attack. We must also have some good shooter that can plug them in. And, of course, a player capable of recovering enough balls, which will ensure us many points to the counterattack.

Hopefully these cheats for NBA LIVE mobile have served you and take your franchise to the conquest of the ring.