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The purpose of this type of group is to get stuff done

Agent Green

Join Agent Green to make a positive impact on our community, have a great time, and meet wonderful people!

Thank you to everyone who made Agent Green a success, creating real positive impact in our community while having a great time and meeting wonderful people! We are in the process of reinventing Agent Green; stay tuned for exciting news about the new direction of this great program in the spring of 2011.


Agent Green events activate our community’s collective buying power in a reverse boycott to demonstrate how going green is good for the bottom line. The events create inertia for efficiency retrofits, generating up-front capital to facilitate the switch.

Seattle Green Spaces Coalition

Take action to re-purpose city-owned surplus land for public benefit! and have Fun!


Uniting artists, scientists, businesses, and you to create a gasoline-free America by the Year 2040

Our Mission

Coltura's mission is making America gasoline-free by 2040.

Gasoline use is one of the main reasons our earth is in peril. It’s up to us to save our home.

Coltura was founded in 2014 to accelerate a consumer shift from gasoline to clean transportation. To achieve our mission we are uniting artists, scientists, businesses, and communities to change our gasoline habit.

Gas-Free Planning

writing services

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Host a Clothing Drive/Raise Funds

Keep goods out of landfills and fund any nonprofit organization! To learn more or attend an information lunch, please join us!


I've created this group to give members an opportunity to host a paid donation drive for the nonprofit organization of their choice. Any organzation with 501c3 status qualifies - schools, churches, shelters, food banks, cause-oriented organizations, etc.

The company I work for, Value Village, pays organations for every pound of soft goods collected - clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, linens, etc. - providing an opportunity to make upwards of thousands of dollars.

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