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sustainable living

Why Design, Build and Buy Green Buildings?

Given the current state of the U.S. economy with a 9.7 % unemployment rate in January, it is uncertain when the recession will end. Americans have cut back, businesses have scaled down production and the once rapid growth of the U.S. economy has stumbled. In the midst of the current environmental movement, many people voice that given the recession, now is not the time to spend money on green infrastructure. This post will present a cost-benefit and economic analysis of building green.

a new place for birds to rest

Is it possible that we will all have green roofs in the future? Solar paneled siding on our houses that hook up our electric cars that we charge overnight? SO much is out there, so much information and what does it all mean? Is this "greening" of the world just going to be the next boom and bust, or are we going to be able to take all of this and translate it to the next generation?

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