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Put your imagination back to work...

Do you remember when we you were six years old how a mundane trip to the grocery store could become an amazing journey into another world? Everything around you including the car ride and the people at the store were all part of one great big adventure. One of my favorite things to do was sneak off and make a castle out of the paper towels and toilet paper packages.

Back then our actions were not subject to preconceived ideas or concepts. We lived in a world that had unlimited potential and opportunity. What we didn’t know we simple filled in with our imaginations.

Funny thing happened on my way to work...

This morning as I was walking down Boylston ST on my way to Office Nomads I saw a bunch of bedroom furniture sitting on the sidewalk. When I got nearer I realized it was the contents of someone’s bedroom. I overheard the three people that were moving the stuff from the apartment building to the street say, “well that’s most of it, all that’s left is some clothes that need to be bagged up.”

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