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Conscious Living: FOOD FIRST

When: March 26, 2011
Time: 10am - 2pm
Where: Body and Brain Center, 8750 Greenwood Ave. N.
Cost $45 (price includes a light lunch)
Register: [email protected]

Food permeates just about every facet of our lives yet some of us eat without much thought to who and what we are impacting by our food choices. This workshop offers up a look at the interconnected web we call the food chain that brings people, animals, and the natural world together. Come learn about the ripple effect your food choices have and the amazing opportunity that exists to increase your health and heal the world by eating consciously.

We will explore:
- Our global food system
- Health, social justice, and sustainability
- Alternative food pyramids
- Solutions

You will experience:
-Reflection and awareness (internal and external)
-Food demo and samples

You will leave with:
- Health consciousness
- Recipes and green coupons
- An action step and empowerment